Please join us. Worship Services Sunday 8:30 am & 10:45 am

Officers and Staff


Class of 2017: Dan Breed, Joyce Casper, Tom Chambers, Donna Clark, Mike Daloia, and Margot Walker.

Class of 2018: Dick Allen, Sophie Barner, Katie Coykendall, Steve Johnson, Stacy Myers, and Jessica Streb.

Class of 2019: Peter Burrows, Beth Fagiani, Pat McClemont, Amy Coykendall, Fiona Rae, and Jane Reese.


Class of 2017:   Priscilla Baker, Kevin Cassick, Angela Currie, Sue Tower, and Ann Winter.

Class of 2018:  Betty Lamb, Donna Beasley, Steve Lyle, Kathy Schlaich, and Robert Russell.

Class of 2019: Nancy Greulich, Sandy Maslen, Julie Siegel, Janice Allen, and Diane Johnson.

Honorary Deacons

Pat Inskeep, Gwen Kozar, Rick Salvatore, and Winnie Clark


Mark Miller

Assistant Treasurer
Ken Greulich

Bill Siddall

Ruth LaGace


   Title    Name


Rex Stewart
Clerk of Session Margot Walker
Music Director / Organist Jonathan Pilier
Youth & Children’s Ministries Director Michelle Allen Phelps
Administrative Assistant Emily Marra
Office Assistant Betty Salvatore
Youth Missions Carla Mackenna
The Children’s House Andrea Randazzo
Custodial Staff Rita Wingo and Patty Wingo–Haynes